Development Services

Click the link below for the power point presentation of the Future Land Use Map at the Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting on October 2, 2018

FLUM Power Point Presentation 10/2/2018 P&Z Meeting

About the Department

The Development Services Department of the City of Horseshoe Bay is here to serve you for all of your building construction, inspections, and land development needs. We can help you navigate through the various rules and regulations that are designed to guide our community’s growth and development  in an orderly  manner, and protect the health, safety, and character of our City.

Mission Statement

“The Mission of the Development Services Department is to provide outstanding customer service while helping our property owners and residents, and the development community maintain and enhance the community’s quality of life by assisting them in understanding the process and application requirements for development and building construction which comply with applicable codes and regulations.”

City Staff Assistance is Available

We can help you obtain information and forms, answer questions and accept and process your applications. We can also assist you with completing any required building permit, variance or rezoning application, as well as schedule inspections, or agenda items for City Council or Planning & Zoning Commission actions, and respond to City Code violation complaints.

Our goal is to help you to help us maintain Horseshoe Bay as a world class resort and retirement community. Whatever your project needs may be you should use the resources and staff that are available to you in the City's Development Services Department.  Call 830-598-9959 for assistance.


1. When do I need a permit?
A building permit is required for any new residential or commercial construction, as well as work that involves structural, plumbing, HVAC, or electrical change(s).  Any accessory structure, such as a fence, or project that falls under the purview of the 2012 building codes must also be permitted.  Call Development Services if you aren't sure if you need a permit.  830-598-9959 

Please note that permits from your Subdivision's Architectural Controls Committee (ACC) may still be required. 

2. How much is the permit? 
See page 2 of the Building Permit Application for the Fee Schedule.

3. How do I register as a contractor? 
Submit the application and required materials to the City of Horseshoe Bay Development Services Department with $100 application fee.

4. How long are building permits valid for? 
See page 5, number 6 of the Building Permit Application for time limits on permits. 

5. What building codes does the City follow? 
2012 International Residential Code 
2012 International Building Code 
2011 International Electrical Code
2012 International Plumbing Code 
2012 National Mechanical Code 
2012 International Fuel and Gas Code