Development Services

About the Department
The Development Services Department of the City of Horseshoe Bay is here to serve you for all of your land development and building construction and inspection needs. We can help you navigate through the various rules and regulations that are designed to guide our community’s growth and development  in an orderly  manner, and protect the health, safety, and character of our City.

For a general overview of our Building Permit Application process, visit our Quick Facts for Applying for a Permit page or, click here to read "When You Need a Building Permit and the Permit Process."

Development Services Staff are always happy to answer your questions.  Call 830-598-9959 for assistance.

Important Considerations

Any individual or company that contemplates the improvement or development of land should consider many factors before purchasing land that is thought to be an ideal location for a project.
  • If the land is within the City of Horseshoe Bay corporate limits or 1 mile thereof within the City's Extraterritorial Jurisdiction, you must find out what other Subdivision (Horseshoe Bay, Escondido, Summit Rock, etc.) and Horseshoe Bay Declarant (Horseshoe Bay Resort) development requirements will affect your project. 
  • For all building projects that require a permit, your first point of contact is the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) for the subdivision your property is located in, for subdivision covenants and restrictions information, and approval of plan reviews prior to coming to Development Services for a building permit.

Steps to Take

As you are going through the City’s application process you should find that there is a logical sequencing of activities that needs to occur. This in a very basic sequence is:
  1. Zoning
  2. Platting
  3. Utilities
  4. Traffic and drainage considerations
  5. Building construction
Research should also be conducted to determine if there are deed restrictions or easements that would affect the use of the land you are considering. For a very detailed discussion of the requirements for development projects, please see the Horseshoe Bay Development Policy (PDF).

City Assistance

We can help you obtain information and forms, answer questions and accept and process your applications. We can also assist you with completing any required building permit, variance or rezoning application, as well as schedule inspections and agenda items for City Council actions, and respond to City Code violation complaints.

Our goal is to help you to help us maintain Horseshoe Bay as a world class resort and retirement community. Whatever your project needs maybe you should use the resources and staff that are available to you in the City's Development Services Department.