Water Distribution Process
After the water treatment process, the potable water is distributed through a network of storage tanks and piping, including mains, laterals, and service lines in order to reach each customer. This Water Distribution System consists of:
  • 2 elevated storage tanks (1 million gallons to Horseshoe Bay West and .75 million gallons to Summit Rock)
  • 3 ground storage tanks (2.45 million gallons)
  • 565 hydrants
  • 3326 meters
  • Over 112 miles of pipeline
  • Over 980 valves
Continued Projects
Our employees are continually working to upgrade and improve our water distribution system. In 2014 our in-house crews completed over 3,000 work orders eliminating leaks, main line problems, improving system pressures, and maintaining fire fighting flows, while installing 49 new water taps to the system.

Ensure Quality
To ensure the quality of our drinking water we take over 120 samples each year at various points throughout the system.  These samples are delivered to an approved laboratory for analysis and the results are forwarded to the state. All of this is to ensure that your water supply is safe and dependable each time you turn on the faucet.