Subdivision Architectural Standards Guidelines

The City of Horseshoe Bay in an effort to help provide information to citizens, regarding the various subdivisions' Architectural Committees we have created links to their guidelines to assist you with access to their policies governing improvements to your property.


The following guidelines are separated by subdivision and are accompanied by the contact person if you have any questions:

Note: Owners are responsible for conformance to all regulations of the City of Horseshoe Bay.


Property Owners shall apply for all applicable building permits from the City of Horseshoe Bay Development Services Department and any other governing agencies after receiving final design approval from the appropriate Architectural Committee. Any adjustments to approved plans required by City review must be resubmitted to the appropriate Architectural Committee for review and approval prior to commencing construction. The issuance of any approvals by the appropriate Architectural Committee implies no corresponding compliance with the legally required demands of other agencies, including the City.

The requirements of the Architectural Committees is included as a courtesy to property owners. Property owners must obtain required permits from the City, and the City is not involved in the review process of any Architectural Committee.