1. Bond Rating

    The City's current Bond Rating

  2. Budget

    Check out the budget and projected revenues for the current fiscal year in Horseshoe Bay.

  3. Check Register

    View a list of quarterly checks registers showing how the city spent money in a given quarter since 2010.

  4. Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (Audit)

    Explore the reports that outline the expenses of the years going back to 2007.

  5. Debt Book

    Brief description of all outstanding debt since incorporation as of October 2016.

  6. Investment Reports

    Take a look at the comprehensive reports outlining the investments that were made by the City of Horseshoe Bay.

  7. Public Information Request

    Access public records and information from the City of Horseshoe Bay by filling out the request form and reading the instructions.

  8. Quarterly Finance Report

    Access the quarterly finance reports from Horseshoe Bay, Texas.

  9. Tax Rates

    Check out the sales tax breakdown for Horseshoe Bay and the surrounding areas as well as information on ad valorem tax information

  10. Texas Transparency

    Discover this great tool to help you see into your state and local government finances to help keep your government accountable and honest.