Quick Facts - A General Overview of the Residential Building Permit Application Process

For any remodel, re-roof, siding, window, or accessory structure work to your home, you will need to reference the following:

The first step you will need to take is to submit your plans to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) for the subdivision your property is located in.  For example, in HSB Proper, North, South and West, the contact person is Sam Tarbet and his phone number is 830-598-2553.  You will need to submit plans to the ACC with a list of materials being used and how the finished project will look along with any other information they require.  Also, you will need to provide a site plan showing where any new structure or addition will be placed on the lot with distance measurements from all 4 property lines.

Once the Committee approves these plans, you will need to bring one full set to the City’s Development Services Department with the completed Building Permit Application to include the sub-contractor information requested and Contractor and Property Owner signatures on the application.
The permit fee will include a construction clean up and compliance deposit in the amount equal to the permit cost.  For example, a permit for a deck is $150, therefore; the deposit will be $150 and a total of $300 must be paid in order to issue the permit.  The deposit portion of the fees will be eligible for refund after a passing final inspection, less any deductions for violations or reinspections.

Check the Contractor's Corner page for checklists, application, and helpful information for the building permit process.

Overview in List Form

Here is a look at the process in list form:

  1. Take your plans to your subdivision's appropriate Architectural Control Committee (ACC) for approval.
  2. ACC approved, stamped, and signed plans are dropped off at the City of HSB with a completed Building Permit Application. No payment is due to the City until the review process is complete and the permit is ready to be issued.
  3. When plans are at the City, typical turn around time is 5-7 business days although, it may take up to 14 business days for plan review to be completed. Commercial and Multi-Family plans take longer for review.
  4. When the plans are approved for permit by the City, fees are assessed and the permit holder is notified that the plans are ready to be paid for and picked up.
  5. Required inspections are scheduled by calling 830-598-9959 by 4:30 P.M. and are scheduled for the next business day.  No inspections will be scheduled for the same day they are requested.  
  6. Once final inspection has passed and is complete, the City will process that permit's file, issue a Certificate of Occupancy (if needed), and issue a refund of the deposit less any deductions for violations or reinspections where applicable.  Processing time for deposit refunds is approximately 2 weeks.