Quick Facts - A General Overview of the Residential Building Permit Application Process

Do you know what projects require a permit?  There are some simple guidelines to follow when dealing with regular, single family residential projects.  The rule of thumb for jobs that will require a permit is when you remove, replace, alter, or repair mechanical (A/C), electric, plumbing, structural items or those items that deal with keeping the weather out such as a roof, siding, doors, and windows.   You will also need a permit when you do a square foot addition to your home, or add any accessory structures such as a driveway, fence, or pool.

Your permit process will generally include two approvals.  The first approval will come from your subdivision's Architectural Control Committee.  Every area in the City limits of Horseshoe Bay is located under a designated Architectural Control Committee.  The second approval will come from the City of Horseshoe Bay's permit office in Development Services.

There will be fees associated with an approved permit.  These fees can be found in the Building Permit Application.

The permit fee will also include a construction clean up and compliance deposit in the amount equal to the permit cost. The deposit portion of the fee will be eligible for refund after a passing final inspection, less any deductions for violations or reinspections.

Check the Contractor's Corner page for checklists, application, and helpful information for the building permit process.

Overview in List Form

Here is a look at the process in list form:

  1. 2 sets plans to your subdivision's ACC for approval.
  2. 1 approved, stamped, and signed plans from the ACC is brought by you to the City of HSB with a completed Building Permit Application. No payment will be due to the City until the review process is complete and the permit is ready to be issued.
  3. Plan review takes on average 5-7 business to complete when all information is received in good order.
  4. Permit holder is notified that the plans are ready to be paid for and the permit issued.
  5. Required inspections are requested by calling 830-598-9959 by 4:00 P.M. and are scheduled for the next business day.  No inspections will be scheduled for the same day they are requested.  
  6. Once final inspection has passed and is complete, the City will process that permit's file, issue a Certificate of Occupancy (if needed), and issue a refund of the deposit less any deductions for violations or reinspections.  Processing time for deposit refunds is approximately 2 weeks.