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Posted on: March 21, 2017

City Proclaims April 2017 as "National Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Month"

2017 Apr Natl Child Abuse Neglect Prev Month 03.21.2017

Proclamation of the City of Horseshoe Bay

Declaring April 2017 – Blue Ribbon Month 

as “National Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Month”


WHEREAS, in 2015, an estimated 1,670 children died from abuse and neglect in the United States. Nearly 700,000 children are abused in the US annually. CPS protects more than 3 million children; and

WHEREAS, being that our children are our future, any type of child abuse is a serious problem affecting every single person in our community, and finding remedies requires input and especially action from every single person in our community; and

WHEREAS, our children will shape the future of Llano County and the State of Texas; and

WHEREAS, child abuse can have long-term psychological, emotional, and physical effects that can have lifelong consequences; and

WHEREAS, child abuse prevention is meaningful because of the connections and partnerships created between child welfare, education, health, community and faith based organizations, businesses, and law enforcement agencies; and

WHEREAS, our community must make every effort to report any suspected child abuse to the CPS hotline 1-800-252-5400; and

WHEREAS, our community acknowledges that we must continue to work harder to increase awareness about child abuse; and  

WHEREAS, prevention remains the best defense for our children.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT PROCLAIMED by the City Council of the City of Horseshoe Bay, Texas:


  • April 2017 shall hereafter be known as “National Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Month” in Horseshoe Bay, Texas.
  • The City calls upon the citizens of Horseshoe Bay to recognize this month by dedicating ourselves to the task of improving the quality of life for all children and their families, and by wearing or displaying blue ribbons as a reminder to our community.
  • The City Secretary is hereby instructed to post this Proclamation at City Hall for public display, and enter this document into the records of the municipality.

PASSED AND APPROVED this 21st day of March 2017 by the City Council of the City of Horseshoe Bay, Texas.

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