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Posted on: March 21, 2017

City Proclaims April 22, 2017 as "Earth Day"

2017 Apr 22 Earth Day 2017 03.21.2017




WHEREAS, the global community now faces extraordinary challenges, such as environmental degradation, global health issues, climate changes, food and water shortages; and

 WHEREAS, it is understood that the citizens of the global community must step forward and take action to create a positive environmental change to combat the aforementioned global challenges; and

WHEREAS, a green economy can be achieved on the individual level through educational efforts, public policy, and consumer activism campaigns; and

WHEREAS, Earth Day is the beginning of a new year for environmental stewardship commitments, to implement sustainability efforts and commit to an Earth Day resolution; and

WHEREAS, the City would like to recognize the efforts of the Horseshoe Bay POA for their efforts in sponsoring the Earth Day Expo.

FURTHERMORE, let it be known that the City of Horseshoe Bay hereby encourages the Citizens of Horseshoe Bay, the Property Owners’ Associations, Business Owners and all persons who share in the bounty and blessings of Horseshoe Bay to participate in Horseshoe Bay Cleanup Day and to continue the tradition of keeping the City beautiful.

NOW THEREFORE, I, Mayor Stephen T. Jordan, do hereby proclaim April 22, 2017 as Earth Day in the City of Horseshoe Bay, Texas.

ISSUED THIS, THE 21st DAY OF March, 2017.