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Horseshoe Bay

#1 Community Drive  

PO Box 7765, Horseshoe Bay, Texas 78657


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Police Department


For All Emergencies Call  911

Police Chief: 

Bill Lane


 Administrative Non-Emergency Calls

Phone:  830-598-2633

Fax: 830-598-4123

Animal Control

Phone:  830-598-2633


Address: #1 Community Drive


The City of Horseshoe Bay Police (Horseshoe Bay PD) employs 18 full-time police officers and 2 dispatchers. We proudly serve the community with a full range of police related services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our officers are fully commissioned and state licensed police officers with full powers of arrest and both local and county-wide jurisdiction due to previously established joint-powers agreements with Llano and Burnet Counties in addition to the Lower Colorado River Authority.

Our services and responsibilities range from traffic enforcement to criminal investigation, with heavy emphasis on high-profile proactive patrol operations to help reduce crime.  You will find our personnel very personable, professional and highly trained.  We utilize modern equipment and consider ourselves second to none when it comes to service 'above and beyond' that normally expected of law enforcement agencies. 

Of the 18 full-time officers most have many years of experience in a wide variety of police related fields, with 14 having achieved their Master Classification, the highest rating given by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education. We are rated as one of the most experienced law enforcement agencies in our area and average 25 years of experience per officer. This unique combination of age and experience offers both an aggressive deterrent to potential law breakers in addition to a well-established maturity and common sense approach to problem solving and community/police issues.

Our department prides itself with the 'little extras' we offer to our citizens such as vacation patrols of homes while the owners are away, to a very successful Operation Bay Watch crime prevention program which enlists not only the police officers on patrol, but also all of the City's employees and numerous citizen groups who have been trained in recognizing and reporting suspicious acts or crimes in progress.  All of these efforts combined result in one of the safest and lowest crime areas in the State of Texas. 

The Horseshoe Bay Police Department patrols the bay area by boat on a random and periodic basis, mostly during the late evening hours and responds to emergency situations. Generally when law enforcement is needed upon the waters of Lake LBJ, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department as well as the Lower Colorado River Authority are empowered with enforcement authority and are responsible for all issues which occur outside of the bay area. For emergency situations, callers should utilize 911. For non-emergency issues both agencies can be dispatched through the Llano County Sheriff's Department at 1-800-832-9271 or through the LCRA Rangers at 1-866-527-2267.

Operation Bay Watch

The City of Horseshoe Bay Police Dept., proud sponsor of Operation Bay Watch, invites you to become an active participant in the program which is designed to involve our citizens in assisting public safety officials in fighting crime in Horseshoe Bay. All of us working together will make our community a safer place to live.

Full-time residents may request a Vacation Watch on their homes while they are away for an extended period. With information provided by the homeowner, police personnel physically walk the perimeter of the home, inspecting doors, windows and gates. Emergency telephone numbers and key holder information provided by the resident assist the police in keeping the homes secure.


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