Subdivision Plat


Anyone interested in subdividing a tract of land is encouraged to meet with the Development Services Director or Senior Planner to discuss your plans. If your plans meet the City's requirements, you will need to submit completed preliminary plat and final plat applications accompanied by all required documentation in the checklist (all documents available on the applications page). For Preliminary Plans and Final Plats please call Sandra Nash, Senior Planner 830-598-9906 for current fees.  

The preliminary plat and final plat must be prepared by a registered surveyor or professional engineer. No preliminary plat and final plat will be approved by the City Council unless it conforms to the City's standards and comprehensive development plan, and all required documents are provided.

Checklist and Applications


Development Services will review the preliminary plat and final plat and make a recommendation to the Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council which will consider the preliminary plat and final plat at their regular meetings. If the preliminary plat and final plat require any changes, information on those changes will be provided to the applicant's surveyor, and the final plat will not be signed by the City officials for recording until those changes have been made.


After final approval, Development Services staff will obtain the Mayor's, City Secretary's and Development Services Director's signatures. The applicant's surveyor is then able to record the plat in the appropriate County Clerk's office.