Irrigation Backflow Testing Program

Beginning in March 2019, The City of Horseshoe Bay began to require that all backflow preventers on irrigation systems be tested to assure proper function upon installation and then at least every five years.

For irrigation systems on commercial and multi-family properties, irrigation backflow preventers must be tested upon installation and then annually. Systems operated by homeowner associations and property owner associations are considered commercial systems, and therefore are subject this annual testing rule. 

The rule was revised in a March 2022 irrigation ordinance change to apply to the residential associations so we could align with state regulations, water industry practices and to better protect our community water supply from contamination.

Additionally, new installations for a backflow preventer on a commercial, multi-family or HOA-POA sprinkler system must be completed with a reduced pressure principle assembly (RP) with an above-ground installation. Older, non-RP devices may remain until they fail and must be replaced, but they remain subject to an annual test regardless of type or date of installation.

Those who do not comply are subject to fines and termination of water service. 

We do this because it is important to protect our water system from contamination by backflows, and we are subject to state fines for not maintaining an effective backflow prevention and cross-connection control program. 

Note that should a backflow incident occur which results in contamination of the public water supply, and the contamination is traced to a property with an untested backflow preventer, the property owner could be held financially responsible by the City and any person harmed by contaminants. 

To find a backflow tester go to our webpage "Licensed Backflow Testers."

If you have questions call 830-598-9973.