Oak Wilt

Oak Wilt Disease Management Reminder -
Please note that the maintenance of all oak trees, including pruning and trimming, is prohibited February 1st through June 30th per City Ordinance.

Horseshoe Bay Confirms Oak Wilt within the City Limits

In April 2020, the City of Horseshoe Bay received notice of the first confirmed case of Oak Wilt in the City Limits on one property.  According to the property owner, even though the City was only recently informed of confirmation of the disease, he has been working with professionals to manage and contain the disease at his site for the past 10 years.  City Officials have been working to develop a plan to help educate residents on the effect of this devastating disease.  Please join the City of Horseshoe Bay as we work to inform community members of how to stop the spread of the most destructive tree disease in the United States.  The information herein has been provided by the Texas A&M Forest Service’s "How to Identify and Manage Oak Wilt in Texas" and can be found at texasoakwilt.org

Introduction to Oak Wilt

Oak Wilt is killing trees in Central Texas at epidemic proportions.  It is an infectious disease caused by a fungus that disables the water-conducting system of the tree.  All oaks are susceptible trees, and some are affected more than others. The successful management of Oak Wilt depends on correct diagnosis and an understanding of how it spreads in different oak species.  

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