WaterSmart Customer Portal

The City of Horseshoe Bay recently partnered with WaterSmart Software to offer our residents a modern digital portal where you can get detailed information about your household water use and view or pay your utility bill.  Our goal is to provide our customers with access to their own usage information and reduce customer costs related to unexpected water use or leaks. Customers must sign up to receive access to the portal. Once you are signed in the portal can provide notifications on continuous or burst leaks and provide charts showing hourly usage details of the customer’s water consumption.  You can reach the portal on your mobile device or web browser at:

https://horseshoe-bay-tx.watersmart.com/index.php/welcome or through the QR code.


Sign-up is simple. However, if you need assistance here is a link to videos on the City’s webpage related to WaterSmart to help you go through the sign-up process and learn about other features of the software.


To register for this free service, just enter your billing account number and email address.  You can then get access to all of your utility data as soon as it becomes available each billing period, see how your water use compares to similar-sized homes in your neighborhood, and get customized recommendations on how you can save water and money. If you have any questions or need assistance please contact the Utility Billing Office or the Water Conservation Inspector at (830) 598-8741 and press 1 or send an email to ub@horseshoe-bay-tx.gov.

 We hope you take advantage of this exciting new service and look forward to working closely with our residents to make our community more resilient, informed, and efficient.

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