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  1. Oak Wilt Disease Management Reminder

    Oak Wilt Disease Management Reminder - Please note that the maintenance of all oak trees, including pruning and trimming, is prohibited February 1st through June 30th per City Ordinance. Read on...
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Code Compliance and Enforcement Division

The mission of Code Compliance & Enforcement Division is to maintain the Health, Safety & Welfare for the city residents and property.

Horseshoe Bay's unique lake environment, quality of life and property ensure community values are reflected in the physical environment and enforcing City Ordinances and all adopted codes maintains these high standards.

Our mission is to provide information through education, cooperation & compliance.  Community awareness is paramount in maintaining our unique and beautiful Hill Country charm.

The City's approach & implementation of code compliance and enforcement is the catalyst through which Horseshoe Bay continues to excel in its unique certifications as Scenic City & Dark Sky Community.

Common code violations include the following:

 Code Violation

Code Section

  • Sanitation (Trash Bins)  

Sec. 6.02.007(g)(1)

  • Tall Weeds/Grass & Dead Trees/Branches

Sec. 6.02.008 

  • Unpermitted Construction

Sec. 3.03.008

  • Residential Parking

Sec. 12.03.010

  • Public nuisances

Sec. 6.02.007(3)

  • Junk Vehicle/Nuisance Vehicle

Sec. 8.02.004

  • Residential Lighting

Sec. 3.07.004

Oak Wilt Ordinance Sec. 8.09 - Oak Wilt / Tree Trimming Ordinance.  

The City’s Development Services Department would like to remind everyone that effective February 1st, pruning of any type of oak tree is prohibited until July 1st, per Chapter 8, Article 8.09 Tree Trimming Protection.  (Ordinance 2020-14 adopted 6/16/20)

Section 8.09.004 (Violations, Penalty and Enforcement) reads as follows:

(b)     Pruning or cutting of oak trees shall be prohibited in the spring months of February through June when fungal spore formation and beetle activity are highest unless such activities are completely unavoidable in order to protect the safety of people and property or the health of the tree. Golf courses and resorts are exempt from this prohibition from February 1st through February 14th. Pruning or cutting of oaks is permitted from July through January.

The anatomy of a violation of City Ordinance

When there is a code violation, the City officially contacts the property owner in person, by phone, email or in writing to inform the resident or business owner of the city ordinance violation(s) and the required time (7) (10) or (20) days to abate or remedy to ensure compliance.

Our primary goal is cooperation & compliance for property owners to make the needed corrections in a timely manner bringing the property into compliance with city ordinance.

Uncorrected code violations may result in citations of both criminal or civil, fines and/or court cost for each violation.  (Note: the city only enforces the adopted city ordinances and does not enforce deed restrictions or covenants as they are part of a civil agreement between a property owner and the Homeowner's Association or Property Owner's Association).

How do I file a Complaint for violation of City Ordinance?

All complaints filed are required to be submitted in writing per city ordinance. 

Sec. 6.02.010 -   Investigation and notice of violations. 

(a)     Any city resident or property owner may file a complaint alleging a violation of this article. The complaint must:

(1) Be in writing.   COMPLAINT FORM 

(2) Provide sufficient details about the violation and location of the  property or building for an investigation to be conducted.

(3) Be signed by the complainant; and

(4) Be filed with the mayor, city secretary, or code enforcement officer.  EMAIL


  • For additional information on the City's Ordinances please contact:
  • Seleste Kos, Code Compliance Officer, 830-598-8741 x278 or Email
  • You may view all city ordinances located on the city main page.

To report city illegal dumping violations, please Call 830 598-9959 8-5, m-f or HSBPD Dispatch @ 830-598-2633 after 5pm m-f and weekends. In case of an Emergency call 911.

Illegal Dumping Crimes Range from Class “C” Misdemeanor to State Jail Felony.  For more information on illegal Dumping and state laws for environmental crimes visit TIDRC.

Stop! Who Do You Need to Call?


Responsible Agency

NoiseHorseshoe Bay Police Department
For emergencies dial 9-1-1
Private Subdivision Restrictions
Landscape Maintenance Issues
Contact your HOA/POA
Street MaintenancePublic Works Department 
830-598-8741 Ext 234
Irrigation and Water ConservationWater Conservation inspector
No electricityPedernales Electric Company
Emergencies 888-883-3379
Downed trees in roadwayPublic Works Department
830-598-8741 Ext 234   
Downed trees on propertyContact Landscaping Company
Building Permit InformationDevelopment Services Department
Flooded or washed out roadsHorseshoe Bay Police Department
Storm Damage on PropertyContact your Insurance Agent
Burn PermitsHorseshoe Bay Fire Department
Lake LBJ/Lake Water ComplaintsLCRA
Questions, Comments & Complaints | LCRA
Parking ComplaintsHorseshoe Bay Police Department
Bulk Trash ServicesUtility Customer Service
830-598-8741 Ext. 202
Vacant Lot Mowing ProgramLot Mowing Coordinator
830-598-8741 Ext. 272
Animal ControlHorseshoe Bay Police Department
Questions about paint color, non-structural
maintenance of property/landscaping
Contact your HOA/POA or Architectural Control Committee (ACC)