Horseshoe Bay 50th Anniversary

We're celebrating the 50th Anniversary
of the Horseshoe Bay Resort!

In honor of the Horseshoe Bay Resort's 50th Anniversary, a group of citizens worked together to write the book "The Story of Horseshoe Bay, Texas 1971-2021". The book's co-editors Linda Lambert and Jim Jorden have worked to bring together the stories and articles from a variety of sources. This historic book is available for purchase at Quail Point Lodge (107 Twilight Lane) or City Hall (1 Community Drive) in Horseshoe Bay for $20. Take a look at the book cover, list of contributors, table of contents, and other details below!

"The Story of Horseshoe Bay, Texas 1971-2021"

Book Cover
Table of Contents
Book Index
Horseshoe Bay History Group (Researchers/Writers, Editing Team, Special Photography, and Administrative Coordinator)
Book Authors Planning Meeting

Link to the June 18, 2021 article in The Highlander regarding the 50th Anniversary

Book Cover
Lambert and Jorden

Linda Lambert and Jim Jorden represented the Horseshoe Bay Historical Committee at the June 15, 2021 City Council meeting. The committee was honored by the Council for "hours of dedication and research toward a commemorative book on the 50th Anniversary of Horseshoe Bay." The group of writers have been working for two years on the project. Lambert said, "This book would not have happened without the enthusiastic cooperation of SO many residents who helped with articles, research and help on historical facts." Jorden added, "The book has 216 pages, including 150 color photos. Twenty-eight residents researched articles, and thirty-one more wrote personal reflections, including interviews with 15 residents who were in HSB in the 1970s." It also includes chapters on City government, commerce, recreation, and entertainment. The prologue is written by Eileen Hurd, who was the inspiration for the project.