Things to do in Horseshoe Bay

Discover the abundance of things to do in Horseshoe Bay!


The Arts HSBay is rich with those interested in visual and performing arts. Cultural Enrichment Interested in advancing the presence of exceptional programs/ Society (CES) activities here in the Bay, join with this non-profit effort: Janie Rives

A visiting novice or avid birder, there are lots of friends (feathered and otherwise) to connect with for watches, road trips, lectures. Margy Butler

The lifeblood of communication in the Bay, the Beacon generously showcases local news/events and special interest stories in a weekly, free publication. Love to write or have stories to share, Jodi Lehman; Linda Lambert 512.787.3329 or

The Osher Lifelong Learning Initiative provides local workshops on high interest and interactive topics through the Hill Country Texas Tech Campus in Marble Falls (small fees). For information on current classes/times OR to become active in shaping workshops for the 50+ year old interest areas (arts, literature/ history, technology, travel, current events…) Elaine Waddill

Master Gardeners
Those interested in engaging with other gardeners AND more Naturalists extensive learning, the Master Gardener program is engaging! The New NATURE PARK will be open in December 2021 – get involved in the volunteer efforts for this special program. Vicki Adcock

Looking for a clutch of women to share stories while creating works of art, join this Quail Point gathering weekly. Vicki Adcock Mary Daniel

A ladies social group with a calendar full of dynamic experiences (arts, winery tours, travel outings, and local interactive programs) provide for unique friendships with the myriad of talented women in the HSBay area. By Invitation, but may share interest in participation. Carolyn Bates r_o_bates 

A small group of new to master level carvers meet regularly at Quail Point to share skills and develop works of art for personal pleasure and/or donations/fund raiser options. (Mostly men) Sandra Morovitz/POA Director of HSBay

Book Club "At the Club"
A co-ed group of book lovers come together to discuss current selection, lunch, and make new friendships. contact: HSBmembership


Bingo Nearly 100 HSBayers gather once a month at Quail Point in rousing fun Bingo. A BYOB event, dinner is provided (for a nominal fee) prior to play…with prizes from donation. Lorraine Robertson 830.598.6660

Various Bridge groups at various stages of competitive play (both duplicate and contract) meet in different locations/times to keep the mind challenged and the friendships strong. Mary Alice Dunn 830.613.1003, Linda Nissen 830.220.0918, Duplicate Bridge Claudia Haydon

Second Monday afternoon games of casual play and chatter at Quail Point bring together close fellowship of gal pals and opportunities to develop new friendships. Jane Boisvert

Mah Jongg
Women from across the Hill Country meet for varied “Mahj” play days. Mondays at Quail Point (afternoons), Tuesdays at the Yacht Club (reservations needed), and Last Thursday of the Month Play Day/lunch provided by the HSBAY Resort (lunch fee) with morning learning sessions (free) for newly interested players. Information from local “maven”, Toby: Reservations for Thurday play/lunch:

Evening poker games at horseshoe have varied groups on specific nights at Quail Point. They would be happy to take the money and welcome a newcomer! Contact HSBay POA Director

Second Monday afternoon games of casual play and chatter at Quail Point bring together close fellowship of gal pals and opportunities to develop new friendships. Contact: HSBmembership


The Bible Church Located near the HSBay entrance, on Hwy 71, The Bible Church is Small community of believers who take a literal bible study approach to shared fellowship. David Pope 830-596-8976 Lanny Tanton 512.657.8396

Church of Horseshoe Bay

Protestant outreach within the church and community in the +2 (Interdenominational) program of volunteering alongside church friends in action. Ronda Rodman

WOW/Women of the Word ladies at work through fellowship and joyful, faith-based experiences. Gail Matthews 

Men’ Bible Study is a weekly Wednesday Bible Study (verse by verse) at Quail Point at 9-10 a.m. among men with an open discussion. Art Hawkinson 830.598.1616/830.613.5132(c)

Men of Faith is a monthly breakfast held to bring men together in fun special programs, activities, and shared prayer for others. Bob Rogers

St. Paul the Apostle

Lots of involvement and faith-based service opportunities at the Catholic Church church, depending on your talents and interests. Call the church or a local member, LynnetteMorrison

WWICS (Women Working in Communion and Spirit). Our group sponsors a book club, Bible study, and various social activities throughout the year. Claudia Haydon


Equestrian Interests Local horse enthusiasts at the Trails and Bay Country share training, experiences, knowledge in informal/formal activities. Becky Collins Nancy Loftis

Hill Country Golfers
This group of 150+ members take their golf game on the road as they plan golf outings at varied clubs across the Hill Country to experience the dynamic courses available in different areas.

Hill Country Hikers
This group of trekkers have a full calendar of early Monday morning hikes across the Hill Country and here at home. Join when you can for health and camaraderie. Marilyn Ruiz

MGA/18 hole
Over a hundred strong, the varied flights of the Friday (sometimes Saturday)morning male duffers provides a comfortable place for all levels of players to join team competitions and varied locations play. Annual fee. HSBay Resort Club membership required. Slick Rock Golf Course Pro Shop – 830.598-2561 

4-hole / 9-hole golfers
New to golf? Club lessons with light practice. Thursday morning varied formats for ladies wanting to keep up their golf game and active lifestyle. A casual group of lady friends With lots of fun memories being made. Annual fee of $60. HSBay Resort Club membership required Slick Rock Golf Course Pro Shop – 830.598.2561

Pickle Ball
Growing interest in this fun court activity has exploded!, It’s little less strenuous than tennis. Individual and team play are available at the City Park Courts, open to all residents, dusk to dawn. For more information call the City at 830.598.9972 or for resort play, call the Pickleball Pro Shop at 830.983.2591 (for HSB Resort Members only).

Stretching and core development keep us balanced and active. One-hour morning classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays for all levels. Bring an exercise pad (or towel) and dress comfortably for a great stress relieving way to start the day. HSB POA (830)-598-8795

Sports Club
Monthly meetings with invited key speakers from varied sports fields share experiences and ‘tales’ with the over 100 member group in the Rudy Davalos Sports Club with common interests in all things sports. Steve Jordan or Sam Morrison

Love those Game, Set, Match moments? Contact the HSBay Resort Tennis Club for a group of like-minded, active ‘lobbers’..or a local enthusiast who can give you details. HSBay resort Members only. HSBay resort 598-2511 Jean Johnson

WGA/18 hole golfers
Over a hundred strong, the varied flights of the Wednesday morning lady duffers provides a comfortable place for all levels of players to join team competitions and varied locations play. Annual fee. HSBay Resort Club membership required. Slick Rock Golf Course Pro Shop – 830.598-2561 

Wildflower dancers
These ladies practice and perform for many HSBay events for their own joy/exercise AND for the entertainment of all. No special dance skills required…just a love of movement and music. Mary Daniel


Business Alliance
New and old businesses serve the community with small neighborhood commitment. Monthly coffee conversations open the network of businesses to each other and interested community members. Opportunities to volunteer in their many sponsored events (Summer “Boogie at the Bay”, 4th of July, etc.). Francie Dix

Public Civil Service
HSBay is blessed with women of strong backgrounds, high character, and commitment to service. Those interested in public service can contact former City Council Members, Judges, POA Presidents, and varied local leadership roles for information. Donna Klaeger Claudia Haydon 830.598.9364

Volunteer Opportunities
There are many options for volunteer service in Marble Falls and Horseshoe Bay. For information to serve the Scott and White Hospital or Boys/Girls Club. Call the HSB POA (830)-598-8795. Among the many other volunteer options: 

  • Fire Department Care Calls to shut ins (contact city) 
  • Meals on Wheels/Veterans transportation support 
  • Hill Country Women’s Shelter/Center (Thrift Shop) 
  • SPCA

Lots of other active special interest groups abound in Horseshoe Bay including fishing, piloting, veterans, painting, book clubs, wine clubs….and on and on! You will be welcome as a new neighbor and community member to a group of new friends!