How do I obtain a burn permit?

1.  Call one of the fire stations in the City of Horseshoe Bay to request a burn permit.  Station 1 by City Hall can be reached at 830-598-6953 and Station 2 out west can be reached at 830-596-2808.

2.  Ensure you do not have any illegal materials to burn.  If you do, remove them or you will be denied your permit. 

3.  Provide your name, address, and phone number to the on duty crew in case they cannot accommodate the request for the permit at the designated time.

4.  Crews will come out and inspect the burn pile and if all requirements are met, they will issue you a copy of a burn permit.

5. Requests for burn permits are accepted from 08:30am until 11:30am daily for same day burns only.  No extended burns taking more than 2 days will be allowed on one permit.
***Special event stipulations (weather events typically) can be approved by the Chiefs.

6.  If you are caught burning without a permit, you can be fined.

7.  The fire officials have the right to issue stop burning notices to those issued due to drastic changes in weather or issuance of burn bans.

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