What do I need to know if I want to use my home as a Short Term Rental?

Do I need a Short-Term Rental permit if I'm not currently renting?

A STR permit is required if you are actively advertising a short-term rental, even if there are no available dates on the calendar. Rentals advertised for stays of more than 30 consecutive days or more do not require a license.

Who can apply for a STR permit?

Only someone with ownership of the dwelling to be used for a STR or a representative of such person can apply for a permit.

How does a person apply for an STR permit?

Applications for STR permits will be accepted in the Development Services office until June 2023 when all applications will be accepted online. Applicants will be required to certify and provide verification that they meet the requirements for STRs. Use this link to apply https://us.openforms.com/Form/01bcbd5b-0f4d-4b48-8b27-b9a205805e89

What is the fee for obtaining an STR permit? Does a permit need to be renewed?

An application fee of $600.00 dollars per address will be assessed for individual STR permit applications. STR permits expire one year from the date of issuance and must be renewed on-time and renewal fee of $600.00 dollars to avoid fines. STR permits can be renewed up to 60 days prior to expiration.

Do STR units require in-person inspections?

No. However, permits must certify under penalty of perjury that their STR has a functioning type A fire extinguisher and working smoke detectors in accordance with adopted codes. Inspection may be required if the Department has a reason for concern that the permitted premises of the STR may not be compliant with Fire, Building, or Zoning requirements.

Does a host have to be present during STR stay or be your primary residents?

No. However, hosts are required to leave information for guests that includes appropriate contact information and instructions on city services. Additionally, the name and contact information of a Local Responsible Party who is listed as part of the permit application and can respond with 1 hour.

Can I rent out additional structures, campers, RV's or trailers on my property?

No. Only the residential dwelling can be rented.

The STR ordinance also explicitly states that STRs do not include rental of a dwelling unit for a premise that is used for a nonresidential purpose, including an educational, health care, retail, restaurant, banquet space or event center purpose or another similar use; a bed-and-breakfast as defined in the City’s Zoning Ordinance; or a hotel. Only one rental contract may be allowed at a time in any STR.


Is an active alarm system required in an STR?


Are STR permits transferable?


Why does the city permit STRs?

The City of Horseshoe Bay recognizes the fact that STRs are widely operating today as a popular home-sharing practice for our residents.

To provide a regulatory environment that allows the popular practice to continue while focusing responsibility and accountability among operators and limiting the impact on neighborhoods and the availability of housing for residents.

How can an STR permit be revoked or denied?

An STR permit can be revoked, and an application for a new or renewed permit can be denied if STR dwelling unit is found to be adversely affecting the public health, safety, or welfare of the immediate neighborhood in which the property is located.

Is there a limit on the number of STR rentals allowed in the City or how many a person may own?

There is no limit on the total number of STR operating in the city or how many an owner can own. Each STR requires a separate permit.

What are the penalties of not getting a STR permit?

It is a violation of the City of Horseshoe Bay Municipal Code to operate a STR without a permit, which can result in fines of up to $200.00 per day for the first violation, $400.00 per day for the second violation and $650.00 per day for the third violation.   

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