What requirements are there for a Burn Permit?
The fire department will come inspect the burn site prior to issuing the burn permit. The following are some of the things they will be looking for:

A competent adult shall continuously attend the burn pile until the fire is extinguished. No burn will be left unattended.

Hours of burning shall be confined to the hours of 1 hour after sunrise to 1 hour before sunset. All fires shall be extinguished before sunset.Burn Permits are required.

Burning shall not be commenced when surface winds are predicted to be less than 6 mph or greater than 23 mph during the burning period.

Means of Fire Control & Extinguishment
A water hose (or 55 gallon drum of water and buckets may be allowed) must be readily available for fire control and extinguishment.

Distance to Structures
Due to radiant heat, the burn must be no closer than 100 feet to structures. Burning must be conducted downwind of or at least 300 feet from any structure containing sensitive receptors.

No burn shall endanger other property. No material involving: electrical insulation, treated lumber, plastics, non-wood construction materials, heavy oils, asphaltic materials, explosive materials, chemical wastes, or items containing natural or synthetic rubber may be burned. Return to Fire Department

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1. What requirements are there for a Burn Permit?
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