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Online Inspection Request Form

  1. City of Horseshoe Bay Building Inspection Request Form
  2. Official address for inspection site. (Street # and street name)
  3. Please list the type of inspection you are requesting.
  4. What company is doing the project? If you are the owner acting as the contractor, fill in with your name.
  5. Name of the person in charge of this inspection at the site.
  6. Person in charge of this inspection's phone number.
  7. Of the person requesting the inspection.
  8. The date you choose CAN NOT BE TODAY. Your inspection will not happen any earlier than the next business day when scheduled before 3:00 pm.

  9. New Residential or Commercial Construction Inspection?*
    Is this inspection request for a site where new residential or commercial construction is taking place?
  10. If this is the first inspection you are requesting for a new residential or commercial construction project, you are required to have an approved form survey on file.  If you have not yet submitted your form survey, be advised that it must be approved before the City will schedule your first inspection. 

  11. ATTENTION!!!  Please be sure that you receive a return email from Christina Reinhardt, Jessica Noaker, or Rebecca Hamilton to confirm receipt of your request. If you do not receive confirmation, please call 830-598-9959 before 3:00 pm to ensure next day inspection.

    Note: You will not automatically receive notice of the result of your inspection. You must be onsite for the result if you need it immediately. Inspection results from the inspector are not available to Development Services until the next morning after the inspection.

    If you are experiencing problems submitting your request, please contact our office at 830-598-9959.

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