Fall Risk Assessment


The Horseshoe Bay Fire Department has adopted a fall prevention program that will help citizens keep their independence and preserve their quality of life.  In 2017, Horseshoe Bay Fire Department’s incident data reflected approximately 28% of the 462 medical calls we responded to were "Falls" in people age 67 and older.

Below are some of our assessment tools that you can utilize to ensure your home, business, and property are Fall Free Zones.

In an effort to curb the number of injuries and deaths due to falling, the Horseshoe Bay Fire Department will assist citizens with changing light bulbs, air filters, and smoke detector batteries.  We ask that this only be requested by residents that cannot or should not climb ladders or has no one else to replace it for them, and the request also falls in line with other guidelines.  The outcomes of this program have been measurable by a 62% decline in the number of fall patients.