Residential Garbage Services

Exciting News!  Starting April 5, 2021, the City and Waste Management of Texas, Inc. are introducing new,  96-gallon trash carts.

More information on this initiative is available by selecting  the links below:

Waste Management Services of Texas Flyer

Replacement Trash Carts Coming to City of Horseshoe Bay

The City of Horseshoe Bay provides a weekly curbside trash pick-up service to residents. The City will provide each residence with one 96 gallon trash bin.  Please contact customer service at 830-598-8741 for additional information.

Curbside recycling is not available at this time. Residents may drop off all recyclables at no cost to the Recycle Center located at 301 FM 2381. Find information on what items are allowed and hours of operation.

Pick-Up Schedule

Residential garbage is picked up each Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Refer to the tabs below for the designated day and area of pickup. 

Holiday Pick-Up Schedule

The only observed Holidays are Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.   

If your scheduled pick-up day is Monday and an observed holiday above falls on a Monday, your garbage will be collected on Tuesday.  

 This one-day delay in garbage collection will then apply to regular scheduled Tuesday and Wednesday garbage collections too. 

Observed Holiday Falls on Monday Example
(Excluding Waste Management observed holidays on Nov. 23, Dec. 25, and Jan. 1)

Monday scheduled pick-up - collected Tuesday
Tuesday scheduled pick-up - collected Wednesday
Wednesday scheduled pick-up - collected Thursday
If an observed holiday falls on Tuesday, only Tuesday and Wednesday scheduled pickups are affected.

  1. Monday
  2. Tuesday
  3. Wednesday

Garbage Pickup

Horseshoe Bay North
Horseshoe Bay Proper
Horseshoe Bay South

Additional Trash Bins

Additional trash bins are available to residents for an additional $8.33 per unit per month. To request additional units, please contact customer service at 830-598-8741.

Bulk Trash Services

Bulk pick-up is available for residents every other Friday. These pick-ups must be scheduled and there is a maximum of 25 open bulk spots per Friday. Please contact customer service at 830-598-8741 to be placed on the next available bulk pick-up date.  

Click here for a printable PDF of the Bulk Collection Schedule.

2023 Horseshoe Bay Calendar Schedule

Guidelines for Weekly Garbage Pick-Up (Sec. 6.02.007 Sanitation Restrictions)

  • All exterior-stored garbage MUST be stored in an animal-proof container and out of view from all streets and neighboring lot
  • Residents MUST use the City provided trash bins; all other trash bins are not allowed and WILL NOT be picked up
  • Trash bins MUST be curbside before 7:00 AM on the scheduled pick-up day but NOT earlier than 18 hours prior to pickup
  • Empty trash containers after pickup MUST be removed from curbside within 6 hours
  • Trash outside of bins WILL NOT be picked up
  • Trash bins that have a lid that does not completely close once filled are considered to be overflowing and WILL NOT be picked up
  • Trash bins must NOT be more than three feet from the edge of the street and away from mailboxes, posts, trees, automobiles, utility meters or boxes, and fire hydrants, and not beneath low hanging tree limbs or wires
  • ONLY household garbage may be placed in trash bins; NO hazardous waste, NO brush, NO construction materials, NO paint, NO pool chemicals
  • Bulk trash MUST be scheduled for a separate pick-up
  • Transportation of all rubbish, refuse, trash, garbage, weeds, tree trimmings, and construction debris SHALL be transported in a secured manner or in closed containers, covered pickup truck, or covered trailer to prevent dislodgement of any material during travel.