Apply for Permits at the Development Services Department

The Development Services Department of the City of Horseshoe Bay is here to serve you for all of your building construction, inspections, and land development needs. We can help you navigate through the various rules and regulations that are designed to guide our community’s growth and development in an orderly manner, protect the health & safety of our residents, and the character of our City.

Our goal is to help you to help us maintain Horseshoe Bay as a world class resort and retirement community.  Whatever your project needs may be you should use the resources and staff that are available to you in the City’s Development Services Department. Call 830-598-9959 for assistance.

MGO Connect

The City of Horseshoe Bay and the office of Development Services is excited to announce the January 9, 2024, rollout of our new online permitting software MGO Connect.  This sophisticated but user-friendly program will allow access for contractors, subcontractors, and property owners to their building permits within the City of Horseshoe Bay.  This access will allow contractors to submit permit applications, pay fees, print permits, request inspections, correspond with the Development Services team and store pertinent property data.  In addition, property owners will be able to access the project data and follow the building progress.

Residents and contractors can create a free customer portal account at MGO Connect using your preferred email address.  Simply select the “New Account” link at the top of the page and enter the requested details much like you would do for a doctor’s visit.  MGO also offers a mobile app that can be downloaded onto your mobile device.   Simply go to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store for Android devices and search “MGO Connect” to download the app to your mobile device.  We have provided the QR Codes below for easy download.  The mobile app will allow contractors in the field to access the build status through the “Tasks List” feature indicating the current project stage as well as any incomplete and completed tasks.  Please use this Help Guide for assistance.   

If further assistance is needed with creating an account, please contact the MGO support team by sending an email to or call the MGO Help Desk at (985) 851-0760.   MyGovernmentOnline (MGO) representatives are available to assist with any software related questions.

Your Development Services team is available as well to assist you with any questions at (830) 598-9959.  A computer is available on a first come first served basis in the lobby for those who need assistance.  Office hours are Monday – Friday, 9am-4pm.

What if you have an active permit?

Development Services staff will be manually uploading existing permit data.  You will be notified when your project upload is completed.  At that time, you will be able to access the project and begin scheduling your inspections and uploading documents at your convenience.  For questions regarding your project contact Development Services at 830-598-9959.


When do I need a permit?

Do I need a permit for that?  When it comes to knowing when you should contact the City to obtain a permit, the basic rules are that if your project will add, alter, repair, remove, modify, or replace electrical, HVAC, plumbing, structural elements, weather barriers (roof, siding, windows), or accessory structures (pool, fence, boat house, etc.) then you must obtain a permit from the Development Services Department.   

If we could educate our residents about one single item, it would be that you should be sure to plan for obtaining your permit with as much effort as you plan, pick colors, materials, and the contractor for your project.  The most common Code Compliance infraction is failure to obtain a permit before beginning a project.  Work started before the permit is obtained could lead to costly Stop Work Orders, fines, and lost time.

Development Services Technicians work with you throughout the permit process to help you understand the reasons that permits are required, and help you file the proper paperwork to obtain your permit.   Our department prides itself in fast, efficient turnaround of permit plan reviews and inspections.  Often times, your contractor can also be contracted to file the permits for you.  For any other questions regarding permit requirements, contact Development Services at 830-598-9959, or email

Does my contractor need to register with the City? 

Yes!  City Council adopted an Ordinance that requires all contractors doing work in the City of Horseshoe Bay to register with the City through the Development Services Department.  This includes general commercial, general residential, home improvement, and manufactured home contractors.  Also, sub-contractors such as mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and irrigation contractors will need to register and show proof of valid State licenses. Contractors can register on the MGO Connect portal  Contact our office with any questions at 830-598-9959.