Outdoor Burning

Burn Ban Lifted graphicBurn Ban Status - Burn Ban is LIFTED - Permits Required


The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) regulates outdoor burning in the state of Texas through The Outdoor Burning Rule. This rule first prohibits outdoor burning anywhere in Texas, and then allows exceptions for specific situations in which burning is necessary or does not pose a threat to the environment. The rule also prescribes conditions that must be met to protect the environment and avoid other adverse impacts when burning is allowed.

The Horseshoe Bay Fire Department does their part of ensuring outdoor burning is performed properly in the City of Horseshoe Bay and surrounding contract communities. Like many municipalities, the City of Horseshoe Bay enacted an ordinance that allows for outdoor fires within the corporate limits.   The only legal way to burn within an incorporated city limit, is if the fire department chooses to run a burn permit program.  


The City follows TCEQ's exceptions to the Outdoor Burning Rule through the Burn Permit Process. If you meet the rules for outdoor burning, contact the Horseshoe Bay Fire Department to request a permit by calling one of the stations or filling out the online form below. A crew from the fire department will come inspect and ensure all legal and safety requirements are met prior to issuing the permit. This process must be completed each time you burn. Residents should always check with fire department officials about possible limitations on outdoor burning so they do not unintentionally violate an existing state law or ordinance.

During extreme fire danger, when either Llano or Burnet County imposes a burn ban to help prevent possibly disastrous wildfires, the Horseshoe Bay Fire Department will not issue burn permits.

Outdoor Burning in Texas (PDF)