Environmental Resources

City leaders believe it important that we act as good stewards of the environment. In line with this sentiment are several initiatives being carried out by the City and our residents.  One action we are taking is to protect pollinating insects through the Mayors’ Monarch Pledge and efforts by utility environmental staff to prevent the destruction of honey bees. 

Additionally, there is the Dark Skies program in which the City works to minimize light pollution. With the Monarch Pledge, the City educates residents about how they can improve the local habitat for the Monarch butterfly, which has suffered large population declines from deforestation, unwise use of pesticides and herbicides, and climate change. Bee populations are also struggling for many of the same reasons. 

For the bees, staff works to relocate bee hives that turn up unwanted on residents’ properties. That way the bees can continue to produce honey for us while helping plants thrive by facilitating pollination.  With the Dark Skies program, we try to keep light pollution at a minimum not only because it preserves the beauty of the Hill Country’s night skies, but also because light pollution can have negative effects on plants and animals. 

For information about bee relocation or to report a hive that needs moving, call Sheri Pollard at 559.696.5201.

Mayor's Monarch Pledge