Mayors Monarch Pledge


Through the Mayors Monarch Pledge, the City of Horseshoe Bay participates in a national effort by local governments to protect the Monarch Butterfly. The main tools to do this are education and an annual mowing delay for certain lots on the City subject to mowing by City contractors. 

Residents may help the monarch by taking part in the following activities:

Educating themselves about the Monarch butterfly.

Planting milkweed and flowering plants native to Texas on their property. Antelopes horn and green milkweed are two milkweed varieties which may be planted here in Horseshoe Bay. 

Avoid mowing wild milkweed from March 1 until June 30.

Taking part in citizen science efforts including tagging of Monarchs during their spring and fall migrations. 

Attend the City’s annual Butterflies and Bees seminar which takes place in the fall. The City will announce this in local media.