Customer Responsibility

Responsibility Guideline

The following is a list of general guidelines for maintaining and monitoring residential utilities:

  1. Customers are responsible for monitoring and maintaining adequate pressure levels to their residence. Pressures within the home should not exceed 80psi. A Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) should be installed on the customer side immediately following the water meter by a licensed professional plumber. The City strongly encourages homeowners to install a PRV for their own protection, regardless of their current system pressure.
  2. Customers are responsible for ensuring a water shut off valve is installed on their side of the meter and should be familiar with its location and operation. The water shut off valve is located on the house side of the meter at the front of the property line and is a separate valve from the water meter. There may be a disconnect/connect fee charged to turn water on or off by City utility personnel, including overtime charges if the call is after hours.
  3. Customers are responsible for all water that is metered through their water meter, unless a meter flow test determines that the meter is out of calibration greater than 5%. Customers should monitor their plumbing fixtures / system for leaks and ensure their irrigation systems operate properly.
  4. A permit is required for any irrigation system connected to the City's water or sewer system.
  5. Water softening units should have a check valve installed to keep filter media contained within the softener unit in case of loss of water pressure due to a water main breakage.
  6. No cross connection is allowed between customers' drinking water plumbing system and a potential health hazard, i.e. connection to their irrigation lake pump.