What We Expect from You

When looking for employment candidates, we look for one who possesses passion, drive and enthusiasm. If these words are what get you up in the morning, and what keeps you at the top of your game every day, then the City wants to hear from you.

Character traits we actively look for in the hiring process include:

Trustworthiness: Inspire trust through your actions and take ownership of your responsibilities.

Openness: Demonstrate a willingness to learn, to embrace new ideas, and to share your thoughts.

Engagement: Personally go the extra mile with residents and co-workers.

Consideration: Show respect and understanding for the needs of your colleagues and our residents. Be a good, active listener.

Passion: Demonstrate a love for what you do and do it well.

Service: Be ready to pitch in when necessary without being asked. Share credit and give credit where it is due. Be supportive of the other team members you work with.

Positivity: Approach every request with a can-do attitude. The glass is half full not half empty.