Transportation Advisory Committee

Transportation Advisory Committee Members
Kelly Kaatz Chair
Mark Bloschock Vice Chair
Rhonda Kolar Secretary
Crystal Barrington Member
Lee Larkin Member
Reuben Morgensteren Member
Rusty Stout Member

The Transportation Advisory Committee was created by City Council in October 2021 via Ordinance 2022-01. The purpose of this committee is to is to identify any potential new transportation goals and strategies.  The Committee will develop a document “plan” that will act as a blueprint for future transportation planning of Horseshoe Bay for the next 3-5 years. Information derived from various sources, such as the City’s elected officials and staff, citizens, and other stakeholders, will help guide the development of a transportation plan that will proactively address the needs of the community.

Council Liaison: Council Member Dwight King
City Staff Liaison: City Manager Jeff Koska

Transportation Advisory Committee Charter

Committee Responsibilities 

  • To meet as an advisory committee and work collaboratively with city officials, city staff, the community, and others to review, assess, and identify challenges and opportunities for all present and future citizens of the City with regard to transportation. 
  • This Committee is not a consulting group tasked with identifying and suggesting process improvements and procedures for any one individual pushing a specific agenda for the City.

 Committee Membership

  • Committee members will be appointed by the City Council. 
  • There will be a maximum of 7 members, including the Chair.
  • City Council will appoint the Chair. The members will appoint a Vice Chair and Secretary. The Vice Chair shall act in the place of the Chair when the Chair is absent. The Secretary shall take minutes (and provide a copy of each to the City Secretary), and arrange meeting dates, times and locations. 
  • City Council will appoint one Council Member and at least one City Staff member to serve as liaisons.
  • To the greatest extent possible, members will be past graduates of the Citizens Academy.

Ultimately, City Council will be mindful of the professional background of each member when making the final appointments.  

Committee Member Skills

Team members should possess the following skills, knowledge, experience and other attributes:

  • The ability and willingness to work in a team environment.
  • Good understanding and support of the City of Horseshoe Bay’s Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Leadership Philosophy, and Values.
  • General communication and team facilitation skills.
  • Must be open-minded and able to work collaboratively with others.
  • Exhibit a positive and constructive attitude.

Conduct of the Members

Members will act in a professional and confidential manner.  Each member will actively participate in the committee’s deliberations, reviews and approvals.  Members will respect the process, this Charter, and one another by considering all ideas expressed, being thoroughly prepared for each meeting, maintaining the confidentiality agreed upon and sharing equally in the responsibility to reach consensus successfully.  

Meeting Schedule

The committee will meet regularly with a schedule to be determined as needed by the Committee to meet the goals outlined in this Charter. 


The Council expectation is for a final report/plan to be presented to the Council no later than by the end of the calendar year 2022.   

City Council Expectations

  • The members will operate with the understanding that each member has equal standing.  
  • The members will review and absorb the findings of the current Long Range Plan (LRP).
  • Produce a final document that encapsulates the arduous work and findings/recommendations. 
  • All committee members will share the responsibility to inform, collaborate and consult with all necessary parties in a positive professional manner.  
  • All committee recommendations must be supportive of any possible implementation.
  • The committee will vote to forward this final proposed Transportation Plan to City Council. The committee will make every effort to reach consensus. If full consensus cannot be reached, the process will be re-reviewed. A second vote will be taken. If consensus is still not reached, a super-majority of 2/3 will rule for forwarding the proposed plan to City Council.
  • In addition, the issues, proposals, actions, and the explanation of opposing views (if consensus is not reached) discussed by the committee will be documented in the final document.  
  • City Council has the final word on the content of the final Transportation Plan adopted by Council vote.  City Council will accept this final proposed document forwarded from the Transportation Committee and 1) vote to adopt as is, 2) return with comments to the Committee for further consideration, or 3) modify slightly, as is their prerogative, and have a final vote for adoption.