Commercial, Multi-Family, & Major Development Projects

A major development project is a development project that includes commercial, multi-family with 3 or more units, or a mix of uses as in a Planned Development, or includes new utility and/or transportation infrastructure (such as a subdivision), or a project that requires more than two City Department reviews. 

All major development projects start at Development Services and require several stages of review with the City’s Development Review Committee.  The Development Review Guide and it’s 5 appendices are designed to help you navigate through major development in the City of Horseshoe Bay.

Major Development Project Application Fee   $1,000
Matching Deposit for Consulting Fees              $1,000

Major Development Construction Permit        $ 0.00 (Deposit* Only)
Major Development Construction Deposit      $ Variable per Project Size
                    *Deposit = 1% of the Engineer's Opinion of Cost for Inspection Fees 

What to Expect

For any project proposed that is either Commercial, three residential units or more, Mixed Use, Planned Development, or any projects listed in the Development Guide you will need to follow the Guide and the steps for Major Project Development.  Here are some things to consider.

1. Pre-Concept Meetings can be requested, but do require a significant amount of information on the proposed project before one can be scheduled with the DRC (Development Review Committee).  Contact Sally McFeron at 830-598-9970 to find out when a Pre-Concept Meeting can be scheduled.

2. All projects must have a Civil Site plan and Drainage Plan stamped by a professional engineer.

3. Vertical construction is only allowed after the completion and acceptance of all horizontal construction on the site.