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Mapping Resources

The most common Realtor questions can be answered by using the self help tools provided by our GIS mapping.  Zoning, current land use, Future Land Use, water/sewer availability, and lot size can be determined by using one of these maps.

Interactive Map Selection Pages
The measuring tool can be used with either of the map selections.  Click on a specific lot to open a pop-up information box.

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Other Resources that are useful for Project Planning

  1. Horseshoe Bay City Limits and ETJ (PDF)
  2. Future Land Use Map (PDF)

Code of Ordinances

Chapter 3 Building Regulations is commonly cited as the Building Code of Ordinance. This chapter outlines the requirements for building permits, compliance, enforcement, fees, and other items that fall under the scope of the Development Services Department.

Chapter 14 Zoning is commonly cited as the City of Horseshoe Bay Zoning Ordinance. This chapter outlines items such as minimum building requirements in each Zone within the City Limits. (found under Division 3)

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