Office of the Fire Chief


The Fire Chief is responsible for the direction and management of the emergency operations of firefighting, technical rescues, emergency medical incidents, hazardous materials situations, or other emergencies the department may respond to.

He directs and manages all non-emergency administrative functions of the Fire Department. These include:

  • Administration of grants
  • Budget development
  • The development and implementation of new programs
  • Management of department purchasing
  • Personnel management

The Chief oversees the reporting and recording of all fires, assures that continuing education and professional development training programs are properly administered, and ensures the proper investigation of suspicious and/or large loss fires. He develops and supervises department policies, manages the department's equipment and facilities, and develops the department's service improvement plan, including short, medium, and long range goals.

The Fire Chief also serves as the Fire Marshal for the City of Horseshoe Bay.  He is the department's representative to the City Council, to other City departments, to citizens, and to outside agencies. The Chief serves as the City's Emergency Management Coordinator and interfaces with city, county, state, and federal officials in the development of emergency plans, training exercises, and disaster response and recovery efforts.

The Chief may perform other assignments as directed by the City Manager, Mayor, or Council.