Water Conservation Rebates

LCRA’s WaterSmart Rebates program can help you conserve water and increase efficiency by offsetting the cost of upgrading irrigation systems.

• Rebates help residents save up to $600

LCRA provides rebates of 50% of the total cost, up to $600 per residential property, for irrigation evaluations, retrofitting or replacing irrigation system equipment, new pool filters and covers, aeration, compost and mulch, and soil testing. Learn more.

• Rebates for businesses, industries and other institutions

Commercial customers are eligible for rebates of 50% of the cost, up to $1,500 per system, for irrigation system equipment upgrades. Learn more.

Online Application

You also may print, complete and mail the application to:

Attn: Jack Jones RBC 316
P.O. Box 220
Austin, TX 78767

For more information, contact David Millegan, City of HSB Water Conservation Inspector at dmillegan@horseshoe-bay-tx.gov or 830-598-9973.

LCRA Watersmart Rebates