City Recognized with the Blue Legacy Award

The Water Conservation Advisory Council created the Blue Legacy Award to recognize responsible management of our water resources and to showcase examples of effective water stewardship.  Texas leaders have long recognized that water conservation is an important part of planning to meet future needs.  Communities and businesses across Texas have shown conservation programs to be a cost-effective method of meeting increased water demand while postponing expensive supply or capacity expansion.  Conserving water is therefore an investment that benefits all Texans.

The Water Conservation Advisory Council promotes Blue Legacy Award winners as credible spokespersons, sharing their success stories and encouraging others in the industry to improve their water conservation practices.  The awards spread the message that efficient use of our shared water resources is critical to ensuring a prosperous future for Texas.   

As a result of the 2011-2016 drought the City began a progressive conservation program.  The goal was to develop beneficial behavioral changes towards water conservation through education, irrigation audits and best management practices with the use of proven technology.  The City’s efforts over the past six years have provided significant reductions in customer and City operational water loss and increase in efficient water use.  Specifically noted were the City’s efforts in utilizing integrated data from the recently installed automatic metering information system with the City’s WaterSmart Customer Portal to enhance our community’s ability to better manage conserving our water resources.

The City received this prestigious award developed by the Texas Water Conservation’s Water Conservation Advisory Council to recognize the efforts by the City of Horseshoe Bay and our Citizens.

The City was selected for the Texas Municipality under 10,000 population category and was presented the award at the Texas Water Conference on March 29th, 2021 during the awards ceremony.  

blue legacy